Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cable reel turned night stand

Going back to a week before our oldest had surgery, she put on heavy how she had a "little girl room" and how she would like to re-do it...i had to agree she kinda did(wink) since she is 9 and shares a room with her 2 year old little sister... 
so i have seen on pinterest these tables that are made out of wooden cable reels and hold books(and i happen to know someone who could get me a reel)...we did not follow any directions(go figure, I know) i have no patience for that...  but here is what we did do (again please have patience with the picture taking, i'm working on it)  i will post more pictures of their room soon, i was so happy with the way it turned out and so was Miss A

i just sanded it down good and put a couple coats of ASCP Provence on it with a coat of clear and dark wax, i'm sorry i'm still a newbie at this blogging thing and forgot to take a lot of pictures.

we also added casters(which by the way was the one of two things i bought for this project, the other being the spindles)

the next part, and i did get help from hubby on this, was figuring out where the spindles go, i did not take pictures of this because there was a lot of dirty looks from the Mr....a lot.

Here it the girls room, so stinking cute!
one more....
and i was told not to ask for another one or promise to make/sell one.....ever!

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  1. I never thought that a cable reel holder can be a beautiful piece of home furniture. You did a pretty good job in transforming this little cable reel. We have a few cable reel holders at home, and I’ve been thinking of what to do with those. Thanks for sharing this, Jodi! :) #Jeraldine Wellner